Denver Bronco owner Pat Bowlen's daughter wants ownership of the team - TNBC USA

Denver Broncos owner of Pat Bowlen, Beth Bowlen Wallace notified the NFL team that the control now lays in the hands of his second oldest daughter.

“I love the Denver Broncos. This team has been so special to my family, to the City of Denver and to the state of Colorado,” Bowlen Wallace said in a news release. “My father’s legacy is very important to me and my family. It is my desire to lead this team with the same passion my father did and help the Broncos become Super Bowl champions again. I have the ambition, experience and drive, and my mentor in running a winning NFL franchise is the best in the business — my father.”

On Thursday Bowlen met the eligibility criteria set by her father Denver Broncos in order to reckon the prime place in the flowchart of the Broncos’ franchise. However, at the verdict Pat Bowlen issued a statement through Broncos that shortly checkouts her claim.

“As trustees honoring the clear wishes of Pat, we have thoroughly evaluated whether Beth is capable of succeeding her father as controlling owner. We have determined that she is not capable or qualified at this time. We have communicated our decision to Beth and her lawyers on multiple occasions. She is also fully informed as to why her employment with the team ended in 2015.

“Our decisions will always be guided by what will ensure the long-term success and stability of the Broncos while also doing what’s best for our community, our fans, and the NFL.” – He added.

The trust statement reads as- “The statements issued by Beth Bowlen Wallace today are contrary to Pat Bowlen’s long-standing succession plan that he created over many years of careful consideration,”

Later Broncos president equipped a statement on the matter reading “As a trustee and someone Pat designated to oversee his team, I have an enormous responsibility to carefully administer his succession plan and make decisions in the best interests of the Broncos,” Ellis said. “We will continue to follow Pat’s blueprint — and nobody else’s — while keeping our focus as an organization on having a successful season.”


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