Commonwealth Games: Deepak Lather wins bronze in 69 kg weightlifting

Commonwealth Games: Deepak Lather wins bronze in 69 kg weightlifting

By winning bronze in the event of men’s 69 kg weightlifting Deepak Lather became the youngest male weightlifter to win a medal in the history of Commonwealth Games. With this medal, he brought in the fourth medal for India at the 2018 commonwealth games on Friday at the Gold Coast.

India’s Deepak Lather was seen sitting down heavily on the bench with his head in his hands as Vaipava Ioane of Samoa asked for 175 kg on the bar for his second clean and jerk attempt in the final of the men’s 69 kg weightlifting contest at the 2018 commonwealth games in Gold Coast on Friday.

With a total weight of 295 kg, Deepak was ranking third as a result of a below-par snatch in which he could pull up to 136 kg only in his second attempt by missing 138 kg although he had done 142 kg in training.

Hailing from Shadipur near Rohtak in Haryana this 18-year-old failed to clear 162 kg in clean and jerk and Ioane had by then lifted 167 kg and hence moved on to the fourth rank making up for a gap of nearly 10 kg in the snatch.

But as luck would have been Ioane failed at 175 while another contestant Evans who was highly energetic and aggressive at the staging area won the gold, followed by Dissanayake to clinch the silver and Deepak bagging the bronze.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on April 7, 2018

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