With -62°C temperature, photos of the coldest village will leave you startled

In the coldest village in the world, people are sharing photos of frozen eyelashes. (Source: Thinkstock Images, Anastasiagav/Instagram)[/caption]

Oymyakon, a small village in Siberia with a population of only about 500 people is known as the coldest village in the world. The reason? The temperature in the village has dropped to a chilling -62 degree Celsius. The temperatures have dipped so exceedingly that everything – including people’s eyelashes are freezing. People are struggling to survive even after covering themselves in thick fur double coats. Taking to Instagram, many residents shared pictures of the frozen snow around their eyelashes.

Many people said that even though the climatic conditions were pretty extreme in the village, they tried not to let it hamper their daily routine. Last year, a digital thermometer was installed in the village but it stopped working after recording a temperature of -62 degree Celsius. It is reported that a villager in Oymyakon managed to record a temperature of -67 degrees Celsius, but many were of the view that the official readings did not show the true picture.
While it’s hard to imagine how people survive and go about their daily lives in such icy cold conditions, the pictures that have surfaced the internet are quite astounding.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on February 8, 2018

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