You will be Amazed to Look at the Transformation of Daughter Riley

Kandi Burruss’ Daughter Riley Lost 52 Pounds & Her Transformation Is Epic: Before & After pics

    Kandi Burruss, one of the praised reality star daughter, Riley Burruss is a 15-year-old inspiration for everyone, her trainer also revealed on June 28 that she lost her 52 pounds with her struggle and unadmired hard work. Riley spends her time in Atlanta-area gym, where she completely transformed her body.

    her trainer wrote on Instagram next to a before and after photo of her weight loss, “52 pounds later and I swear @rileyburruss is a whole new young woman. All of our sessions have not always been good. We’ve gone through all the fussing, crying, catching attitudes, and even down to her passing the hell out but still managing to lose over 50 POUNDS”.

    Kandi Burruss’ Daughter Riley Lost 52 Pounds |

    Riley really took time to react on her trainer’s post by taking the before and after photo and adding it to her Instagram story, praising her coach.

    Although she faced a lot of struggles, she appeared with unexpected results. The young teen went from 220 pounds down to 168, which is mind-blowing to take in. From her face to her waist and thighs, she looks totally transformed.

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    Riley joins in the list of the superstars who transformed themselves with the help of weight loss.

    Some of the celebrities Mom of Hollywood like Kelly Clarkson, to Ciara, and Kim Kardashian, have also put all their efforts in the Gym to lose their extra pounds. Kim Kardashian is another star who’s bounced back after baby, twice, and she documents her workouts daily on her social media and her app! We love how hard our favorite stars work to stay fit and we celebrate you powerful males and females every day! Ever since giving birth to her second child, Sienna, in April 2017, Ciara has dropped 50 pounds.

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