Superfan’s glimpse of UK royals leads to trans-Atlantic pilgrimage

She crossed an ocean and slept in a pink princess tent for 3 nights on the street where her legs were hanging out only with just one hope of watching the royal prince of Britain Harry and American Meghan Markle on the day of their wedding.

She, Dona Werner aged sixty six years confirmed herself that she is definitely a super fan of the royals, she came all the way from New Fairfield, Connecticut almost sixty two miles or 100 km north of New York city, USA.

She came all the way from USA just to have a glimpse of Prince harry or to exchange smiles with Meghan as their gold plated coach passes by the St George’s Chapel at Windsor Palace on May 19. Just being driven by this she bought her flight tickets and also booked a room in the hotel just to use the rest room while she was busy camping on the street for three days to ensure a prime viewing spot of the royal event.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on April 6, 2018

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