‘Sound of Style’ Theme and Young Designer’s Visionary Footwear at BFW 2018

‘Sound of Style’ Theme and Young Designer’s Visionary Footwear at BFW 2018

Recently, the second edition of BFW (Bata Fashion Weekend) 2018 was celebrated and it included the artistic vision of young designers, especially in the footwear segment in the fashion show.

The Swiss brand that had turned 85 years old, emphasized on its core theme ‘‘Sound of Style’ at BFW 2018 event.

On Saturday, it was the day two of this fashion event and it began with the announcement of the night’s plan by the Bata’s Group Heritage Director, Charles Pignal.

Charles announced on the stage that BFW 2018 will be celebrating its theme ‘Sound of Style’ this year as he thinks that music is an inspirational art form to express creativity, especially in footwear business for creating and development of the relevant products.

In his announcement, he informed the audience regarding Bata heritage, which is putting its focus to identify iconic products from the vast archive of the company. They will launch these products soon in order to seek attention from some of the cool customers in upcoming days.

Thereafter, the event was progressed further with some elegant fashion shows, which were choreographed around this year’s BFW theme of ‘The Sound of Style’.

Bata, the shoe company also introduced Lenny Filipova, the famous Czech singer, who is going to be the new face for its brand. Under this honor, Lenny will be seen performing at various events conducted by Bata and will actively participate in ‘Me & Comfortable With It’ global campaign, for one long year.

After being introduced as the new face of the brand, the singer stated that she is honored to be included in this project as the campaign’s main message is about female empowerment, which she feels very strongly about and hopeful of contributing into it with her own craft.

Alexis Nasard, CEO at Bata, also appeared on the stage with few of his announcements during this event in which he talked about few of the product initiatives taken by the brand to keep with the rapidly changing technology. He also talked about B-Flex collections which are expected to hit the stores within next few months.

Bata also provided a golden chance to few talented young designers to display their work of fine art on this event. These designers are students from various International institutes who designed their own ready-to-wear products, especially in footwear categories.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on April 30, 2018

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