Innocent mistakes that men do falling in love

Innocent mistakes that men do falling in love

Men generally never realize the silly mistakes they do falling in love. Anything makes them feel comfortable with their partner but they must understand the mistakes they do might be annoying or affecting somewhere in a relationship.

Being sticky:- Don`t call her or text her all the time it is very important to maintain a space between a relationship. Give a chance your love to miss you and make her feel the value of your absence. Being sticky might ruin your relationship so, do not do such things that embarrass your relationship. Make your comfortable in every circumstance.

Discuss your plans: Do not do plan only according to yourself because the plan should not own by the one in a relationship. One of the major reason of ignorance in a relationship when a person ignores talking about future. Remember the planning is all about the expectation, likes or marriages. Try to discuss your plans with your partner that will help you to create mutual understanding. It also defines a relationship to maintain a serious relationship.

Always talk about yourself: Girls don’t like those men`s who keeps talking about themselves they consider them as selfish. Men`s who keeps talking about their earning and prestige that create a bad impression on women. Instead of bragging about yourself focus to know her better, share your ideas and view about what kind soulmate you are.


Being over protecting: The obvious reason that nobody likes in their relationship. It is not good that you always keep questing your partner about her limits and life. It is good to be protective of your partner but it is not good to be overprotective of her. Don`t make her follow your instruction or restriction.


Being Judgemental: Make her happy the way she is or she wants to be the best way to build a faithful relationship. Do not try to judge her costumes or her nature. Give your effort to make this relationship even better.


by Sawan Kumar on July 2, 2018

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