Old Delhi haveli where Nehru got married is now a heap of rubble

Old Delhi haveli where Nehru got married is now a heap of rubble

The haveli of Sarup Narain was actually a three-story extravagant structure situated at the end of Sadak Prem Narain Bazaar at the intersection of the Churiwalan and the Sita Ram bazaar. It was the house of one of the most noted Kashmiri Pandit families of the locality.

As the heritage properties in Old Delhi continues to fall apart the remnants of haksar ki Haveli only survives as a proof of negligence and dispassionate modern life.

This very residence of the Huskers was once the venue for one of the most high profile wedding of the city way back in the year 1916, the relatives and family members of the first prime minister of Independent India- Jawaharlal Nehru resided at the same mansion when he got married to Kamala Kaul on 8th February. Whereas the family of Kamala owned another mansion named as the “Atal House” which was situated in the neighboring Bazaar of Sita Ram.

The property which is being largely unused for decades has started crumbling due to want of maintenance and has gradually turned into ruins as huge portions of the walls, arches, columns, and gateways started collapsing at the regular basis.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on April 8, 2018

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