Moringa now is the new superfood.

Moringa now is the new superfood.

Healthy eating now becoming the new norm in the pandemic crisis. People are now realizing the benefit of healthy diet to keep their immunity strong.] and stay fit. Different kind of fruits and vegetables that were neglected before are now becoming popular day by day.

Once such vegetable is the Moringa Plant, which is commonly known as drumstick tree, The tube shaped veggie has been an active part of the Indian culinary narrative for centuries.

Known for many benefits, the whole plant including the leaves, bark, pods, nuts, seeds, roots and flower of the miraculous plant are consumed in many different ways in the country,

The Plant has lots of nutritional benefits, Moringa the botanical name of drumstick contains twice as much protein as yogurt, four times more Vitamin A than carrot and its also an excellent anti oxidant. It also has anti-inflammatory properties too. The moringa leaves also known to have seven times higher Vitamin C as compared to oranges.

Nutritious components like Vitamin A, potassium, calcium, zinc, phosphorus can also be found in the magic plant. it is said to have very little fat with no harmful cholesterol.

The Plant’s Versatility is simply amazing, from being helpful in the treatment of cancer to it being good for skin and hair. This plant has gain the name of superfood and now is in rising popularity because of its high nutritional values.

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