Tick Gave Toddler A Deadly Disease

Tick Gave Toddler A Deadly Disease

Jackson Obelisk who is 2 years old had been going through a high fever and his small body was covered in tiny red spots. As per the doubt of the doctor, it was a viral rash and had sent him home for recovery.

After offering his favorite food, peanut butter sandwich, by his mother Kayla Obelisk, he kept it in his hand and while he started to watch his favorite movie, “The Greatest Showman”, in the middle he slept. The baby who was very spontaneous and loved babbling, singing and playing with the family dog, had stopped all kinds of communication,  to hold his head in his small hands started to cry.

24 years old Obelisk and her husband, Brandon were concerned that the crucial symptoms might be linked to a bite from a tick last month at a park near their home in Hillview, Kentucky.

On Memorial Day – more than a week after the bite – the couple took him to an emergency room. He was soon diagnosed with severe illness of very rare tick-borne illness.

Rocky Mountain detected fever is a serious, life-threatening bacterial infection transmitted by few kinds of ticks in the United States, as per the opinion of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC describes that the disease, which can cause high fever, extreme headache, vomiting and also rash, all these symptoms can be serious while the patient is not taken under required treatment within the last five days of symptoms.

After eight days of starting experiencing the symptoms, Jackson had been admitted to the hospital. Bobbi Pritt, a physician and co-director of Vector-Borne Diseases provided lab results.

Pritt claimed that the treatment, an antibiotic called Doxycycline, is discovered to be effective while the disease is detected early.

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