Obesity alone does not increase the death risk - TNBC USA

Health department scholars of York University found that patients, who suffer from metabolic obesity, do not have high death risk but other metabolic risk factors.

Jennifer Kuk, who is the Associate Professor at the School of Health Science and Kinesiology, is leading the York University’s research team. He said that the study result has the possibility to impact how people commonly think about health and obesity.

Kuk further said that the concept we have on obesity is totally in contrast with that mentioned in theory. Because most research report proves that metabolic obesity has less death risk than other diseases. This concept to an extent is true as hypertension can alone increase the rate of death risk. But past report concluded the reason behind these patients death to obesity and hypertension. This is the reason why most reports suggest that metabolic healthy obesity has higher death risk.

However, research report of Kuk says that unlike Dyslipidemia, Diabetes and Hypertension alone has the high mortality risk. Hence, obesity does not alone high the mortality risk.

To conduct the research, a total number of men and women involved were 54, 089. These number of people were categorized as having only obesity or coupled with other metabolic factors, or blood pressure, or elevated glucose. Scholars evaluated the number of people died within each group as compared to those having no metabolic risk factors with standard weights.

Recent weight management guidelines recommend that anyone above 30kg/m2 BMI should lose weight. This mean someone having metabolic obesity, even without other risk factors, it makes them unhealthy. Scholars also found that 1 out of 20 people suffering from obesity does not have any other abnormalities.

Kuk reports that people with healthy metabolic obesity are not in actual death risk. Therefore, a normal weight person with no metabolic risk is likely to die as the person suffering from obesity and no other risk factor. Hence, thousands of North Americans only with metabolic healthy obesity were suggested to lose excessive weight, while answering how much advantage actual they could receive.



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