New generations of deodorants ‘on the way’

New generations of deodorants ‘on the way’

New generations seem to have face lost of odors problem so, experts have found a better way to drive the situation of body odor under control. The experts also make understand the reason behind the odor. The team from Oxford and New York universities say they have now deciphered the first step in this molecular process.

There are two types of glands that cause sweat:

Apocrine glands that the hairy armpits and genital areas, produce sweat containing a number of complex molecules – including proteins – that are odorless when secreted but can be turned into Body odor.

Eccrine Glands it produces sweat all over the body associated with exercise, which helps us keep cool and does not smell.

Small traces of the BO chemicals these bacteria produce can smell cheesy, sour and musky.

How can you stop the sweat?

  • Wash your body every day
  • Use an antibacterial soap to clean your armpits
  • Use a deodorant Or antiperspirant
  • Shave your armpit hair to allow sweat to evaporate quicker
  • Wear clean clothes
  • Wear Clothing made of naturals fibers, such as cotton, that allow your skin to breathe
  • Don’t use deodorant on unfresh clothes
  • If you sweat too much take shower twice a day

Which is most useful Antiperspirant or Deodorant?

Antiperspirant contains aluminum chloride, which helps reduce the amount of sweat released by temporarily plugging the skin.

Deodorant is basically is like a perfume which help an antibacterial agent to kill the bacteria.

The reasons behind for bad smells is the bacteria in our armpits. These Staphylococcus bacteria use “transport” proteins to swallow up the odorless secreted in sweat and convert into body odor.


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