“In India Only 18%women have access to sanitary hygiene India”

“In India Only 18%women have access to sanitary hygiene India”

India movements have been introduced in order to educate women about menstrual hygiene and sanitation. But the process of menstrual does not change in a large number. The Survey on Sanitary Napkins in India shows only 18% of women have access to sanitary due to the taboo. The taboo of menstruation outnumbers the women’s who go through a common process in this period such as not touching a pickle, not step into the temple, not entering the kitchen area. These types of menstruation taboos and beliefs crippled its women with chronic reproductive infections.

Though India needs to talk and educated women`s in favor of menstruation is very important at a times. A story will help you to makes understand the value of women`s in such condition and importance of sanitary hygiene. This is a story of a 12-year-old girl who named as ‘Bholi’ she belongs to a very small village in Madhya Pradesh and suffers something very horrific that changed her life at a very young age. Bholi`s Uterus was removed because she had contracted to a reproductive tract infection.

Just like ‘Bholi’, there are a huge number of women in India who use low standards of sanitation and menstrual.

These days menstrual hygiene is among the trending talks. The masses are talking about educating women in the rural areas. Moved from the story of ‘Bholi’ initiatives have been taken by the government to distribute sanitary napkins to the women in rural. Furthermore, a sanitary napkin factory has been inaugurated in some of the less known areas. Some entrepreneurs have come forward towards setting up industries that manufacture sanitary pads.

A survey shows that 82 percent of the women in India are not aware of a sanitary napkin. Cheap and eco-friendly napkins are still a fantasy for some. A regular pad costs around Rs 8-10, while the eco-friendly napkins would be cost-effective making it easily accessible by the women in the rural.

by Sawan Kumar on July 10, 2018

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