A girl of 12 years, who has returned home to Indiana, after spending a vacation with her family in Destin, Fla discovered herself struggling shortly for her life. Kyle Brown started to draw attention to her parents for leg pains towards the end of their June visit to the popular tourist destination, as per the report. While her family returned home, the ridiculous symptoms of Kyle have been experienced through the beginning of redness and swelling in her right calf and transforming to fever, according to her mother Michelle Brown.

The worried parents brought her daughter to a doctor, who requested them to go to an emergency room instead of starting treatment. Her mother Michelle Brown said, “ when they told me we needed to go home and pack bags and get to (Riley Hospital for Children), my anxiety went from 0 to 110”. She also added, “I knew something was wrong. ”

Primarily, the doctors thought Kyle might be suffering from a blood clot, but as her condition became worse, they re-evaluate the diagnosis. According to her mother, “her blood pressure was just continuously dropping. It was rough. Incidentally, Kyle was diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis  – a rare, life-threatening bacterial infection which is often cited as a “ flesh-eating” disease, as it rapidly and aggressively kills the soft cells of the body.

The disease is classified as highly threatening, and according to the US disease control system for successful recovery, it requires accurate diagnosis, rapid antibiotic administration prompt operation.

The specific contaminating bacteria can be spread in the body through tiny cuts, scrapes, burns, even insect bites. According to the mother of the infected girl, her daughter simply scratched her toe on a skateboard, before visiting the beach, where she may have supposed to be affected by the bacteria through seawater.  Keyes has gone through emergency operation and doctors removed the affected tissue and finally, she has been discharged from the hospital. She is still going through treatment along with therapy and antibiotics.

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