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A new study has revealed that 60 to 80 per cent of women have experienced hot flashes during their menopause in pregnancy. In their crucial situation women with high blood pressure and gestational diabetes. According to the researches, women who had never been pregnant experienced fewer hot flashes. It also said that Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy and gestational diabetes may be modestly associated with a greater number of hot flashes. It generally eventuates because Cholesterol- lowering and diabetes medications, the finding revealed.

On the basis of lead researcher, Rhoda Conant “Women with a history of these pregnancy disorders were heavier and more likely to be taking lipid-lowering medications and diabetes medications”. In addition, JoAnn Pinkerton, Executive Director From The North American menopause revealed that “ With So many women affected by hot flashes, healthcare providers need to understand all the underlying risk factors that could influence hot flashes at the time of menopause.”

In pregnancy, it necessary that Women needs to consume healthy food that does not harm both children and mother. Food should be content with numerous green vegetables, and fruits.

Three Nutrients, Need to Add and Ignore During Pregnancy

Have Carbohydrates: Pregnant Women should have the foods that contain highly Carbohydrates like Spanish, Mushrooms, Cauliflower, Broccoli. These vegetables must consume by Pregnant women with gestational diabetes as the combine manage meals properly. Rupali Datta the Senior Consultant Nutritionist believes that “Women with gestational diabetes choose healthy carbohydrates that are high in fibre and unprocessed, sometimes they can also have refined carbs. Women can have 15% of unrefined carb sources because foods like upmas and pohas are healthy.”

Add proteins in your diet chart: Pregnant Women with gestational diabetes must add more proteins in their diet. They can have fruits like Guava, Apricots, Dried Cherries. It will help to maintain the blood sugar balance. Proteins are recommended for women with gestational diabetes. According to Dr. Datta “ Proteins is very important for the pregnant women it is the time when the blood components increase to take care of the growing baby. She explains that a tissue build up happens in a mother’s body additionally the tissue also a build-up of a baby also. Due to this women needs many proteins for her and her baby.

Consume Unsaturated, Healthy Fats: Women should contain this healthy food that contains with proteins and carbohydrates in a good proportion. The healthy foods will help women with gestational diabetes by keeping their blood sugar levels under control.

BP, Diabetes In Pregnancy May Up Hot Flashes Later Foods To Eat And Avoid |

For Gestational Diabetes Foods To Eat and Ignore

Foods that you can eat with gestational diabetes: Fresh vegetables and Fruits is generally required in a body so, you can have eggs, chickpeas, nuts, quinoa, seeds, avocados, whole-grain pieces of bread and cereals, non- starchy vegetables, beans, chicken, tofu, sardines, salmon, coconut oil, tuna, popcorn, and yoghurt.

Food that should be ignored: Junk (unhealthy) and processed foods, alcohol, baked food, fried food, sugary and aerated drinks, starchy foods like potatoes and rice, and candies.

Pregnant women with gestational diabetes need to maintain their diet properly so, that the Blood pressure will remain normal because they generally associated with a greater number of hot flashes. It is very important to contain carbohydrates and proteins that help to manage the diet properly including your child.

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