London designer unveils a life-size wedding cake with diamonds and pearls

London designer unveils a life-size wedding cake with diamonds and pearls

There is no doubt that weddings are quite an elaborate affair and people are usually more than happy to spend exorbitant amounts of money not just on their ensemble but also on a lavish spread of food including the wedding cake.

Combining the two together, London-based designer Debbie Wingham presented a cake worth one million dollars at Dubai’s bride show. The cake was shaped in the form of a traditional Arabic bride and weighed a massive 120 kg.

Complete with a hijab, an engagement ring, lace and floral detailing on the wedding dress, the cake was dressed with five flawless three-carat white diamonds, each valued at a whopping £200,000 along with smaller stones decorating the head dress.

Reports suggest that the cake was pre-baked in Raffles, Dubai. It was prepared using 1,000 eggs, 20 kg of chocolate and 50 kg of lace-textured fondant. And not just diamonds, the cake was also decorated with nearly one thousand pearls and five thousand, carefully cut and hand-crafted flowers.

Wingham posted the pictures on her Facebook page and quoted, “The cake, which is worth a whopping $1 million, is shaped as an Arabian bride and is edible from head to toe. From the cake bride’s lace-textured dress, edible pearls and iced flowers, the elaborate six-foot tall dessert weighs over 220 pounds, and took more than 10 days to create. More than 5000 flowers, 1000 pearls, 110 pounds of fabric-like fondant and “five flawless three-carat white diamonds all valued at $200k each, along with VVS1 smaller stones,” which is the only portion of the cake that is inedible, the cake is a life-size masterpiece. The cake was unveiled at the BRIDE show in Dubai”.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on February 14, 2018

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