Kolkata Doctors extract bone, burn cancer cells

Kolkata Doctors extract bone, burn cancer cells

Kolkata: A private hospital in Howrah has become the first in Eastern India to take this approach to treat bone cancer, which doctors say can help prevent limb amputations, and tasted success. Remove the cancerous bone from the body, kill the super high dose of radiation and then saw the bone in its original place.

This is the first such operation that happens in Eastern India. The success of extracorporeal radiotherapy at Narayana Super Speciality Hospital come two months after Fortis Hospital gave Kolkata – and eastern India another first successful heart transplant.

A 13-year-old boy Iman Hossain from Agartala journey create a remark in the country. Ortho – oncologist Koushik Nandy said “ even holding a pen had become extremely painful for a child, and It all started with swelling around his right wrist. “We detected that the boy was suffering from Ewing sarcoma (kind of bone Cancer) and that cancer had spread to the entire ulna bone. But Doctors were against amputation because of Hossain’s age. A medical board, comprising oncology director and radiotherapist Suman Mallik, Nandy, Orthopaedic Surgeon Kushal Nag, Medical oncologist Vivek Agarwal and pain — management special Arghya Mukherjee, was formed and after a brainstorming session, the team decided on extracorporeal radiation.

“Very few hospitals, one of them being Mumbai’s Tata Memorial Hospital (where many of us were trained), conduct this procedure. It is one of the most viable treatment options for those with bone cancer as it gives us a chance to salvage the affected limb;” Mallik said. Hossain had to undergo several chemotherapies before he was put under the radiation procedure. Six rounds of Chemotherapy after the Surgery – and physiotherapy.

by Priti on July 20, 2018

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