What’s on Inside The Hyderabad IKEA

What’s on Inside The Hyderabad IKEA

Hyderabad: One of the world biggest furniture retailer, expecting seven million people a year to multitude its new store in Hyderabad. It hopes to open across the country of 1.25 billion people by 2025. IKEA home ware retail shop best known for its affordable price and self assembly furniture with a Scandinavian twist. As Indian start earning they will looking for their own house so, it is an opportunity for IKEA  to improve its economies in the state.

John Achillea, store manager says “ there are also more than 1,000 products under 200 rupees to satisfy consumers. Big aspirations for their homes and small wallets. Like we offer A six piece bowl set with cutlery for kids costs Rs 131. The interior of the store has a noticeable local feel too, with Indian -design bedspreads and framed photos of the Taj Mahal and other Indian Monuments along side Klimit’s painting a d “the Kiss” recalling faraway Europe.

Juvencio Maeztu IKEA’s Finance Cheif said “ We decided not to copy and paste. We met and interacted with 1,000 Indian families to understand what were their dreams, their requirement and what they exactly looking for”.

On the other side, It provides 1,000 seater eatery, but IKEA’s will not be offer pork of beef meatballs for religious. Instead of  reason substituting it offers chicken or vegetarian alternatives. Food manager Henrik Osterstrom mention about the range “We have changed quite a lot for India. We have to ranges. One is the Swedish Unique range and one is the local range. It is a big store and you need to have some energy boost halfway through.”

Followed by Bangalore and New Delhi IKEA plans to opens outlets in Mumbai by next year after Hyderabad. It seeks to grab a share of India’s estimated $40 billion home goods markets.

by Priti on August 9, 2018

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