Tribal areas will soon get Internet Services and other facilities

Tribal areas will soon get Internet Services and other facilities

The Government of Andhra planning to provide internet services in tribal areas. On Wednesday Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu asked officials to complete erection of 100 towers in the tribal areas. He also wanted the officials to speed up the “Giriseva Grint” programme to provide internet service to the remote tribal areas in the states. The chief minister targeted with many upcoming plans to established the tribal areas. Apart from internet service Naidu also plans for college and stadium to build in the tribal area.

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Naidu target to the Plans:-

  • He set a target of 220 towers in the tribal areas by October
  • He asked officials to construct 26 multipurpose indoor stadiums in the state at a cost of Rs 120 crore.
  • He also asked officials to establish 26 modern junior colleges at an estimated cost of Rs 971.55 crore. He wants officials to allocated lands for the colleges and prepare detailed projects reports by August.
  • He also said to officials to starts residential schools in the state.
  • He wants officials to focus on giving priority to the SC and ST colonies on the programme.
  • He also added to provide roads, drains, drinking water, electricity, and housing for the SC and ST colonies priority.

by Sawan Kumar on July 5, 2018

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