Tourist Refund Scheme publicity is yardstick

Tourist Refund Scheme publicity is yardstick

Hyderabad: K Chandrasekhar Rao Chief Minister of Hyderabad rated the minister and party MLS`s after a thorough feedback from the ground level. Apart from the opinion of the electorate, the CM will also look into another factor that how much of an effort the leaders were putting in publicising the government schemes and programmes. The MLAs may be considered to be nominated if field reports indicate that they battered their chances of winning.

As per the Telangana Assembly website, the Telangana Assembly websites, the composition of the Assembly as of now is TRS – 82, INC- 17, MIM – 7, BJP – 5, TDP – 3 CPM- 1 Independent, vacant – 2.

As per the sources, some of the legislators who might not get a renomination also include those who had got elected on a TDP ticket in the 2014 elections and joined the TRS subsequently. It is learned that KCR has done a constituency-wise assessment of the TRS sitting legislators Prospects.

Some of the MLAs from the city may also not be fielded by the TRS again if their performance has been found not up to the mark by the chief minister. The chief minister big plan is to completely reduce the Congress party to a non-existence in the next election. Chandrasekhar Rao the chief minister will go with hi known plan of promising them they will be accommodated in the ‘right positions at the appropriate time’.

by Sawan Kumar on July 10, 2018

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