6 Day girl kidnapped from Hyderabad Govt Hospital

6 Day girl kidnapped from Hyderabad Govt Hospital

Hyderabad: On Tuesday, a six-day baby girl was kidnapped from Hyderabad Government Hospital by an unidentified woman from government authority. Police despatched special team to Karnataka to find out the baby girl. The police rescue the baby girl after finding out the accused boarded a bus to Bidar.

According to the sources, police analyzed CCTV camera footages and got the visuals of the accused. Apart from sending a special team, cops also got in touch with their Karnataka counterparts. Sultan Bazar inspector P Shiva Rao says “The woman took the baby from Vijaya and left. As she did not return for a long time, Vijaya started looking for her and then informed her husband. After failing to locate the baby, the couple alerted the hospital staff and we received a complaint,”

Vijaya, wife of Private Employee, Nari from Manchal in Ranga Reddy district gave birth to a baby girl at the hospital. On Monday morning, Vijaya and Nari came to the maternity hospital with the girl for vaccination when the incident took place.

by Sawan Kumar on July 3, 2018

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