15 year old Asiatic Lion dies due to an ‘Untreated’ wound

15 year old Asiatic Lion dies due to an ‘Untreated’ wound

Hyderabad: Due to lack of treatment the 15-year-old Asiatic Lion died at Nehru Zoological Park, the forensic expert revealed that the Asiatic Lion had untreated self – inflicted wounds, which eventually led to death. According to the post-mortem examination zoo, veterinary officials announced the lion died due to the multiple organ failures. The Nehru zoo, authorities also said to the media that the big cat cause of death was septicemia. The death of big cat spread a tension between the zoo authorities. As Nehru zoo is the first zoo in the country to display animals in open. It established the Lion Safari in 1974.

According to the zoo authority lions can survive up to 20 years but recently Asiatic Lion died earlier than expected. There are four other animals who are undergoing treatment as they were suffering from age-related health issues. On the other end, Asiatic lion organs samples have been collected and sent for forensic analysis.

“We first noticed a swelling in the face, but we thought it was an insect bite and treated the feline accordingly. The lion was under medical supervision for the past three months, but the actual reason for its death was only diagnosed after post-mortem examination,” said zoo official.

“A white tiger, Vinay, two Asiatic lions and a panther are also undergoing treatment right now. We treat about 10 to 20 cases every day and the percentage of mortality is between 2 and 5 percent,” said veterinary director MA Hakkem.

“The Panther, about 22 years old, has outlived its age. It is under observation because it seems weak. Vinay, which was born in captivity, and two other Asiatic lions are also suffering from age-related issues,” Hakkem added

by Sawan Kumar on July 2, 2018

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