This is What To Expect From The New Satellite Terminal at Chennai Airport By 2025

This is What To Expect From The New Satellite Terminal at Chennai Airport By 2025

Estimated to be completed within 2025, the design plans for the new terminal at Chennai airport is quite breathtaking.

As per the suggested design and technology, it will allow the domestic passenger to walk through a giant glass and steel integrated terminal, followed by traveling through a long tunnel of 1.6 km by a shuttle bus.

This tunnel will be built right underneath the main taxiways and runway, which will further take the passenger to a satellite terminal which will face towards the two runways situated at the airport campus western end.

Also, the boarding calls will reach out to him in form of flash messages on the passenger’s mobile phone. Hence, the waiting phase will not be so tiresome and there will be lots of option to enjoy the complete runway with a bird’s eye view.

There will be set up which will enable the flights to land and take off from the main and the second runways simultaneously.

Based on the present studies, AAI (Airports Authority of India) is considering to locate this new satellite terminal within the space between the main and second runway.

Once the project is commissioned practically, Chennai airport will become India’s only airport to have a functional tunnel underneath the taxiways and runway, which will provide facilities to carry the passengers to the satellite terminal.

It is feared that the airport’s present capacity will be congested and saturated by the year 2024. Hence, this is a need for more space without affecting the existing design which can be managed by constructing an integral terminal on the side of GST Road.

The estimated building cost for the satellite terminal will be around Rs. 500 Crore, also it is expected that the work will begin in 3 years. It will take next two years to plan, design and take care of other formalities for the new terminal project.

For this study research, AAI has approached help from Chennai metro rail and the designs are approved initially. However, the metro rail authorities will perform more technical checkings to build this satellite tunnel.

The airport authority is considering new terminal at this point since building a second airport in Chennai will take more time and materialization. Also, the required amount of land has not been sanctioned for the second airport yet.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on April 26, 2018

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