Police bust gang of 8 in ransom trap of businessman

Police bust gang of 8 in ransom trap of businessman

Chennai: On Tuesday night, Chennai Police arrested eight members of kidnappers into a ransom trap and released a 54-year-old businessman who identified as V Ganesan, the proprietor of a transport company. The gang of 8 members abducted businessman in Red Hills. One of the arrested suspected as uniformed policemen to lead the businessman into the gang`s clutches.

According to the investigation officer Ganesan`s relative Ramachandran received a random call from the gang at 9:30 am on Tuesday, after the abduction. The gang demanded Rs 25 Lakh for the release of a businessman. The family of businessman urgently contacted Red Hills Police station.

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Assistant commissioner of police S Prabhakaran, inspector P Jawahar, and Sub Inspector Sathishkumar come up with a plan to release the businessman. On the other end, North  Chennai Joint Commissioner identified the gang`s SUV  with the help camera footage.“Armed police officers surrounded the SUV and arrested the gang member” said  Ramcharan family member of a businessman. Police said one of the gang members posed as a policeman and who took Ganesan towards the gang`s SUV, which had a Police sign stuck on it and they accomplices bundled the businessman.

After released of businessman Police found two knives, the vehicle and fake police uniform from the suspects. Police also said the mastermind behind the abduction was involved in others 13 murder case.

by Sawan Kumar on July 5, 2018

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