Action against stray dogs now, App will give update to corporation

Action against stray dogs now, App will give update to corporation

Chennai: Chennai Corporation has decided to enumerate the number of stray dogs as dog population is increased in four years. Greater Chennai Corporation mobile application will not only provide the information about stray dogs but it will also give information their area – wise locality, gender, age and reproductive ability.

Veterinary officer Kamal Hussain says“Everyday we get more than 40 complaints on stray dogs. Despite the animal birth control programme, the dog population seems to be increasing by the year. So we decided to take it up scientifically and planned to come up with the application,” According to the World health organization, nearly 70% of the total dog population should be emasculated.

One of the officials said“We will have color codes for these dogs and this will help us keep a tab on the population even after six months. All the puppies and lactating mothers will be our target for sterilization,”. On the other hand, the application will have six categories: sterilized male, unsterilized male, sterilized female, unsterilised female, lactating mothers, and puppies.

A senior officer from health department says  “Once we get an administrative sanction, we will implement it in three other zones and later across the city in a few weeks,”. “Our volunteers will work with officials and enumerate the dogs,” later he added.

The application which is made by the official gives a clear picture of the number of dogs in each area. Corporation Official also carries a data on lactating mothers and puppies which will help them more on their target in a few months. Hussain say`s the scope of error will not be more than 5%.

by Sawan Kumar on July 2, 2018

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