Vaccine needle left inside a newborn baby

Vaccine needle left inside a newborn baby

Mumbai: A newborn baby struggled from a pain nearly a month as 2 cm Vaccine needle was left in his hip when the baby was taken for routine vaccination to a Panvel nursing home. After 19 days parents, Jairaj and Aastha Gaikwad notice that affected area started swelling and the baby also started suffering from recurrent fever, which prompted the parents to take baby boy to a local pediatrician. A CT scan shows the presence of a  2Cm needle in the left hip joint and he had a bone injection in the hip joint, but there was not any suspicion of a foreign body. The doctors referred the baby to Wadia hospital for treatment.

The baby was admitted to Wadia Hospital, where doctors said they started treating him for infection. “When his fever refused to subside, we decided to carry out a CT scan, which finally revealed the needle in the left but lock.” “ The boy was lucky that it didn`t harm him in a big way. The parents told us the baby would cry, but they understandably didn’t have the way to know why he was crying,”. The hospital decided to surgically remove the needle. “It was difficult to find the exact location of the needle. We had to carry out multiple X – rays to determine its position,” said Dr. Pradnya Bendre, the Paediatric surgeon at Wadia.

by Priti on July 25, 2018

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