Shortage of Essentials, Drinking water in Vasai – Virar Residents

Shortage of Essentials, Drinking water in Vasai – Virar Residents

Mumbai: Residents of Vasai – Virar residents suffering badly due to the shortage of essentials and drinking water. On Wednesday, all 13 lakh residents in the fast developing belt finally got electricity after 37 hours of power outage. Power was restored in a staggered manner since late afternoon, but even for those who got it back before the rest.

A resident of Vasai – Vihar share their experiences:-

Rutuja Naik, a student from Boling, Vihar, said there was no way she could get to the station. Drinking water was an issue, and her family had to manage with basic food.

An anxious Father from Suncity, Vasai (W) shared, took to social media seeking help for his infant daughter who needed hospitalization. Shared wrote he could see nothing but water surrounding his building and had no idea how to rush his daughter to the hospital. Cops from Manikpur responded to his message and arrived at his home using tyre tubes. The infant was admitted to Aastha hospital in Vasai, where her health is said to be stable.

While in villages in Vasai, Nalasopara, and Virar, the water receded faster due to proximity to the sea, the eastern side stayed flooded. Virar resident Diwakar Sharma said, “ It feels like we are living in the stone age”. Those who took the local train to work were about their families.

“ I have waded through water to reach the station and come to my office in south Mumbai. But I am worried as my family members are still there and there is no way of contacting them” said an office goer.

“Water levels had not receded till morning and we had to continue the cuts throughout the afternoon. In fact, there was no problem with the power sub-station, it was just a precaution,” said an official.

by Sawan Kumar on July 12, 2018

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