On CCTV, Woman On Bike Dies After Hitting Pothole Near Mumbai

On CCTV, Woman On Bike Dies After Hitting Pothole Near Mumbai

According to the latest reports, on Saturday, a woman was crushed under a bus after she fell off a bike that hit a pothole in heavy rain in Kalyan near Mumbai. The incident got caught on CCTV footage, which again reflects the poor state of infrastructure, hampers due to rainwater every year in and around Mumbai.

on Saturday evening, Manisha Bhoir, who worked at a school in Thane’s Kalyan, was returning home with his family member when the accident took place. In the video, Ms. Bhoir can be seen riding pillion as she holds up an umbrella in the pouring rain. As the two-wheeler skidded over a pothole on the flooded road in Kalyan’s Shivaji Chowk, Ms. Bhoir and her co-rider were thrown off the bike to their right. The rear wheels of a speeding bus ran over Ms. Bhoir. As her relative and passers-by rushed to pull her out, the bus inched forward, further crushing the woman. She died on the spot.

In April, the Bombay High Court said, “the Maharashtra government’s efforts to make every city “smart” was commendable but it would only be possible when a city’s roads, streets, and footpaths were in a good condition and free of potholes”. Several roads were waterlogged and rail tracks submerged at some places because of continuous rain in Mumbai and the suburbs since Saturday night. Kalyan and many areas in Thane were flooded.

by Sawan Kumar on July 10, 2018

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