Former Actress Mamta Kulkarni’s Properties Attached For Multi-Crore Drug Racket

Former Actress Mamta Kulkarni’s Properties Attached For Multi-Crore Drug Racket

Mamata Kulkarni, the former Bollywood actress has received a notice from NDPS court that has ordered attachment of her properties in Mumbai.  She was one of the key-accused in the case of multi-crore drug racket which was busted by the Thane Police in the year 2016.

Kulkarni owns more than three flats at various locations in Mumbai and last week the judge of NDPS court, H M Patwardhan,  has ordered attachment of three of the properties that belong to her.

The decision was taken by the court since the actress failed to appear for a hearing on the drug racket case before the court.

Currently, the overall value of Mamata’s flats is estimated to reach up to Rs. 20 Crore.

Shishir Hirey, the special public prosecutor has stated that the order of attachment for the three flats has been passed by the court after the prosecution urged for it in an application.

Also, the court has absconded Kulkarni for not appearing before the panel to defend her connection to the drug bust case. The drugs worth around Rs. 2000 and the gang was unearthed by the Thane police department.

Two years ago, Mamta Kulkarni was accused of being one of the prime suspects in the multi-crore drug racket. She was also linked to Vicky Goswami, a drug baron, as the police claimed that the actress was actively carrying out illegal activities.

The court wanted to have a proper hearing in the presence of both Goswami and Kulkarni. But after it became apparent that both the accused will not appear in front of the court to defend their case, the order of property attachment was taken by Patwardhan.

In April 2016, Rs. 2000 Crore worth drugs weight around 18.5 tonnes was raided from Avon Lifesciences Ltd. premises in the district of Solapur in Maharashtra.

Ephedrine, a controlled drug, was illegally transferred from Avon Ltd. in Solapur to overseas after processing. Its powder is used for sniffing purpose and mainly popular for producing methamphetamine, a party drug.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on April 26, 2018

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