Yatra to Kailash-Mansarovar restarted with improvement in the atmospheric condition

Yatra to Kailash-Mansarovar restarted with improvement in the atmospheric condition

Today in Nepal, a number of Indian pilgrims resume their journey towards Simikot from Nepalgunj. The re-initiative of the Kailash-Mansarovar Yatra started due to the improvement in weather condition on 10 commercial fights.

From today, the authority initiated the resume of regular flights between Simikot and Nepalgunj, which was informed yesterday only. The source report says that over 100 pilgrims from Indian left towards the journey to Kailash-Mansarovar.

Meanwhile, all the pilgrims while returning from Yatra, who stayed in Humla and Hilsa areas, will take off to the respective destinations. Indian Embassy reports that out of 165 pilgrims, who stayed in Simikot, among them 110 evacuated on Monday and Tuesday due to poor weather condition. Therefore, the leftover 55 pilgrims were transferred to Nepalgunj yesterday.

Kailash-Mansarovar is worshipped as a holy place for Hindus, Jains, and Buddhists, which is situated in China’s Tibetan regions. Every year, 100 of pilgrims undertake the Yatra that includes trekking under the toughest situation.

Last month, over 1500 Indian pilgrims were stranded in Nepal’s various destinations, while they were returning from the Yatra. For 500 pilgrims, there is an arrangement for basic foods and lodging in Simikot. In case of emergency, the Indian Embassy could to some extent take necessary measures for the tourists.

To make the pilgrims aware of the situation, geographical position, and every small detail, Indian Embassy re-teaches the Indian pilgrims traveling towards Kailash-Mansarovar. Even asked for proper fitness of pilgrims, if one desire to travel to the holy place.

Indian embassy even arranged for representatives at Simikot, Hilsa, and Humla for observing the happenings with Indian pilgrims and take necessary action in an emergency case.

by Chandrani Sarkar on August 9, 2018

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