Woman kidnapping case turned out to be a Rape case, report Odisha Police

Woman kidnapping case turned out to be a Rape case, report Odisha Police

A 22-years old woman, who was found kidnapped and brutally raped for about ten days in Sambalpur District of Odisha, reports police.

On July 21, 28-years Somya Ranjan Dharua has kidnapped the woman and took her to his place, where she was brutally raped at gunpoint almost for ten days, said a policeman.

However, out of fear, the parents of the rapped woman did not inform anything about her missing to the police. Police report that the raped survivor somehow managed to escape from the grasp of the rapist man on July 30.

The rapist later was accused of kidnapping the raped woman’s brother-in-law and threat to kill him desperately. On August 7, after her brother-in-law was released from his clutch, the woman who was brutally raped for ten days lodge an FIR about the incident at Kuchinda Police Station.

Superintendent of Sambalpur Police Station Sanjeev Arora reports that the guilty got arrested yesterday under sections of the Arms Act and the Indian Penal Code as well. From the possession of the accused rapist, a pistol was also seized.

PK Karna, Police Inspector-in-charge of Kuchinda Police Station expressed that the medical examination of both the victim and the accused was conducted for further investigation over this matter.

by Chandrani Sarkar on August 9, 2018

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