‘Triple Talaq’ Bill Faces Rajya Sabha

‘Triple Talaq’ Bill Faces Rajya Sabha

New Delhi: In Rajya Sabha the government will make a fresh attempt to clear the draft law making instant triple, or instant divorce, a criminal offence. This step has taken after a day the cabinet off on singed off on changes to the triple talaq law, which known as Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill 2017, to dilute two contentious provisions.

Three amendments that brings a change in the law:-

  • The first amendments is to change allow only a woman, or a close relative, to file a case against her husband for instant triple talaq, the Islamic practice that allow men to divorce their wives immediately by  uttering the word “talaq” divorce thrice.
  • The second amendments which allows a woman to drop the case if the husband back in a women life or  they arrive at a compromise.
  • The third amendments is that the magistrate can decide on releasing the husband on bail only after hearing the wife.  

The amendments does not mention that is any jail terms faced by the accused if they follow the Tripal Talaq.

Last year, the original bill was passed by the Lok Sabha but it stuck in the Rajya Sabha where the BJP-led national coalition NDA is in minority. After the changes cleared by the cabinet would persuade some of the opposition party is not fully agree with the law and had genuine concerns about the misuses of the law, to support to support the bill its new form. Ravi Shankar the Lawmaker to lay the foundation for the barbs that will follow only after the outlining the proposes changes and also turned his attention to UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi. He said “ I want to ask Sonia Gandhi, will you stand up for women’s honour and pride? Congress should make their stand clear.

by Priti on August 10, 2018

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