Student got rejected by Indore Schools from Admission list for writing with legs

Student got rejected by Indore Schools from Admission list for writing with legs

A physically unfit student, who writes with legs, has been admitted in the government-run school in Madhya Pradesh. He has deformed hands, so writes with legs and for this, the reason all the schools in Indore rejected him from the admission list.

14-year old Parsing Pariha belongs to a tribal community in Ambapani village. He used to study in his village school only but applied to good schools in Indore, which is 150 km from his place but due to disabilities, the Indore schools rejected his applications.

On August 7, during the hearing, he said that “I belong to a poor family and wish to study after the eighth standard. But no private or government educational institution is giving me admission. Teachers are stating that since I write with my legs, they cannot admit me to school.”

A senior government official in response to his written application replied that they have registered the complaint of the teenage boy and will take necessary action against the schools, once the investigation is completed.

Amit Tomar, District Collector of Barwani told PTI that “we have admitted Parsingh to a government school in Barwani. The District Project Coordinator (DPC) has been directed to probe why schools denied the teenager admission.” He continued, “Action will be taken against the schools once the report is submitted.”

A principal of Government Higher Secondary Boys School Iqbal Adil said that they are glad to admit such talented boy like Parsingh Pariah to their schools. He even praised his talent and referred his writing talent as an outstanding try with success.

Adil said that “he is happy and is studying like any other child here. His writing is very good and nobody can claim, after seeing it, that Parsingh writes with his legs.”

by Banani Sarkar on August 10, 2018

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