Sonia Gandhi after Rajya Sabha defeats says, “We win Some, Lose some”

Sonia Gandhi after Rajya Sabha defeats says, “We win Some, Lose some”

Today the opposition party, Congress lost another unity test, the Rajya Sabha’s Deputy Chairman Post against the Modi-government. With this defeat, the Congress Leader says a stoic comment.

Congress Chairperson Sonia Gandhi after handling the charge of her son Rahul Gandhi, exclaims that “We win some, lose some.”

Before today’s election, the post of Rajya Sabha’s Deputy Chairman was always with Congress, except in one term. However, this time Congress decides to support nominee from an opposition party, as a demonstration of its assurance towards the united opposition to take over the government during the next term. With 125 votes, Harivansh Narayan Singh of the ruling party was elected as the Deputy Chairman of Upper House.

After the two opponent party collaborated, Congress nominated BK Hariprasad emerged as a candidate. In the collaboration scheme, Congress lost the support of Aam Adami Party Leader Arvind Kejriwal, who was upset with the steps taken by Rahul Gandhi and also with YSR Congress decisions.

Mrs. Gandhi questioned AAP’s Sanjay Singh that “if Rahul Gandhi can hug Narendra Modi, why can’t he ask Arvind Kejriwal for support.”

With the majority score of 119, the opposition won 105, which is below expectation to 110 by five lawmakers- one from Trinamool Congress, two from DMK- the YSR Congress stayed out.

The opposition party had the support of DMK, Trinamool Congress, Samajwadi Party, Left Party, National Congress Part and Bahujan Samaj Party as well. However, there is a recent addition of Telugu Desam Party, which is lead by Chandrababu Naidu.

Same like Mrs. Gandhi’s word, Senior Congress Leader Ghulam Nabi Azad expressed in Rajya Sabha that, “in elections, someone wins and someone loses. But the Deputy Chairman is no longer a part of any single party. He belongs to the country now.”

by Chandrani Sarkar on August 9, 2018

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