Samsung sets up the world’s largest mobile phone factory in Noida

Samsung sets up the world’s largest mobile phone factory in Noida

The Korean multinational conglomerate Samsung has set up the world’s largest mobile phone factory in Noida. The company is currently manufacturing 67 million smartphones in India, with the advent of its Samsung Factory Noida it is likely to manufacture about 120 million mobile phones.

As per TNBC News Reporters, the Samsung Factory Noida will be inaugurated today. The factory has been set up in a distinct location where you will find open grasslands and under construction spots. The preference of the smartphone manufacturer has not been Korea, China and of course the United States but the Northern State of Uttar Pradesh Noida.

The ready to go Samsung factory is located in Sector 81 in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and South Korean President Moon Jae would land together in order to inaugurate the factory on a helipad adjoining the factory.

In June 2017 the electronics manufacturer had announced that it would expand its Noida plant for increasing its production and hit more customers within a less time. It has made an investment of 4,915 crore in India which is now functional.

Samsung opens world's largest phone factory in India

However, the factory is not just about mobiles, it would also enlarge the production of other consumer electronics like refrigerators and flat panel televisions thus strengthening the position of the company as a leader in the segment.

The Associate Director at Counterpoint Research Tarun Pathak says that the new factory gives the consumer electronics manufacturer an advantage by reducing time to market.

“This will help Samsung bring some local features to the devices powered by R&D here. Apart from this, the company can also bring in export opportunity for Samsung to SAARC and other regions,” – said Tarun Pathak.

Samsung has two manufacturing plants based in Noida and Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu. The research and development and design centers in India offer employment to over 70,000 people and has a wide network of 1.5 lakh retail outlets.

by Sawan Kumar on July 11, 2018

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