Rare Blue Diamonds to revel Earth’s deepest secret

Rare Blue Diamonds to revel Earth’s deepest secret

The Hope Diamond is a rare blue diamond, which is world famous as one of the most expensive jewel. It has a complex history, as a rare blue diamond passed through the hands of heiresses, bankers, monarchs, and thieves before landing at a museum in a Washington.

According to researchers, a rare blue diamond’s geological history is even more complicated. Researchers have examined the value and exceptionality of this priceless gem.

Scientists examined over 46 blue diamonds, including the one found in South Africa, which was sold in 20916 for $25 million. These blue diamonds are formed at 660 km (410 miles) depth that reaches in the lower mantle, the lowermost part of Earth’s interior. Small mineral fragments trapped inside them narrate about actual their birthplace. Blue diamond consists of only 0.02% of mined diamond but renowned as world famous gem.

A rare blue diamond is a crystalline figure of pure carbon, formed under huge pressure and heat. It consists of water-bearing minerals, which were a part of the seafloor but during inevitable movement put to great depths of the enormous tectonic plants that formed on Earth’s surface, reports researchers.

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Scientists are aware of the fact that this rear blue diamond’s obtained blue color from the element boron. The research report suggests that this boron used to dwell in ocean water and also integrated into the seafloor rock, which millions of years ago already moved underground at deep.

Evan Smith, American Research Scientists at Gemological Institution said, “This is the first time anyone has come up with a fact-based story or model for how blue diamond’s form. Prior to the study, we had no idea where they form what kinds of host-rocks they form in, or where they might be getting their boron form.”

However, most rare blue diamonds are not completely pale, often look slightly yellowish in color. Although rare some diamonds have prominent color, for instances, brown, yellow, green or pink. Over 99% of all diamonds figure roughly 150-200 km (90-125 miles) underground, deeper than the blue ones.

Other than the Hope Diamond, at Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History on display, another rare blue diamond named Oppenheimer Blue was sold for $57.5 million at its highest auction price in the year 2016.

Steven Shirey, Geochemist at Carnegie Institution for Science describe blue diamond’s that “these diamonds are among the deepest ever found.”

by Chandrani Sarkar on August 2, 2018

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