Rail Traffic restored on Old Yamuna Bridge

Rail Traffic restored on Old Yamuna Bridge

Railway traffic on the old Yamuna Bridge (Loha Pul) was finally resumed this afternoon, reports Northeast Railway.

Almost around 1:12 pm, this statement was issued by the Northeast Railways reporting that standard movement of rails was resumed with the instant effect. However, last evening the traffic movement on the old bridge completely got stuck, as the water level rises below control in the river due to excessive rain. Just a day after the heavy flow contravenes the danger mark said Railway officials.

NR reports, “The Rail traffic earlier notified to be temporarily suspended over Old Yamuna Bridge (Loha Pul) due to rise in water label in Yamuna River has been restored with immediate effect.”

Last evening, Yamuna was flowing approximately at 205.5 meters with danger mark at 204.83 meters.

The City Government took the initiative to arrange a control room for flood and also for round-the-clock crisis operation hub to scrutinize the situation of the river.

The Old Yamuna Bridge is mostly known to all as “Lohe Ka Pul”, serves as a rail-cum-road bridge connecting Delhi-Howrah line, constructed almost 150 years ago. The old bridge further serves as a major link between Delhi and its neighboring states of India.


by Chandrani Sarkar on July 30, 2018

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