Pranav Goyal from Chandigarh topped the JEE Advanced 2018

Pranav Goyal from Chandigarh topped the JEE Advanced 2018

Meenal Parekh, the topper amidst women, ranked sixth, scoring three-hundred and eighteen out of three-hundred and sixty in the examination.

Pranav Goyal, 17 years old, hailing from Chandigarh topped the JEE Advanced 2018, the entrance exam for admission to the Indian Institute of Technology, the results declared on Sunday. He obtained All India Rank (AIR) 1, scoring three-hundred and thirty-seven out of three-hundred and sixty in the examination.

Sahil Jain from Bundi in Rajasthan ranked second in the examination. He topped in the IIT Delhi zone, scoring three-hundred and twenty-six out of three-hundred and sixty. Kailash Gupta from Delhi ranked third.

Meenal Parekh from Kota in Rajasthan is the topper among women. She ranked sixth, scoring three-hundred and eighteen out of three-hundred and sixty in the examination.

An alumnus of Bhavan Vidyalaya in Panchkula, Pranav was going to Hyderabad with his family on Sunday after the results were announced. He did his coaching from Sri Chaitanya Institute in Chandigarh.

An enthusiastic reader of Indian mythology, Pranav, son of business couple Pankaj Goyal and Mamta Goyal, said, “If you focus well, your study hours won’t really matter. So just stay focus, maintain balance and be calm. Have faith in your teachers and their guidance, and always ensure that your knowledge is conceptually sound.”

“Solving previous year papers helped me a lot in getting an insight into the pattern of the examination,” Pranav shared his mantra for success. He used to study for five hours every day and had devoted the whole year in studying for the JEE Advanced.

He said, “Clearing the JEE Advanced was the target, so I had studied for it throughout the year and prepared for the Mains, a month before the exam.”

Delighted over Pranav’s success, his father said, “My son has always been a topper and has worked very hard for the past two years to achieve this rank. We are very happy with his performance.”

His mother said, “My son has proved that with hard work, anybody can reach the sky. I am really proud of Pranav.”

Pranav said he is fond of playing chess, watch television and spend time with his grandfather for refreshment. He used to watch the cartoon and read books as a stress reliever.

Sharing his future plans, he said, “My next aim is to take admission in IIT-Mumbai. After that, I will pursue MBA and go for entrepreneurship. My father is my inspiration, my role model. He has supported me throughout my career. Following him, I too want to be a successful entrepreneur.”

His teachers too expressed contentment over the performance.

“In the initial months, Pranav used to struggle like any other kid. However, he eventually grasped the different aspects of learning Physics with his sound intuition,” said Amarnath Joshi, his Physics faculty.

Animesh Verma, his Chemistry professor at the institute, said, “Chemistry was one of his strongest subjects. He focused on all concepts of chemistry, rather than just memorizing the reactions. His clear conceptual clarity helped him go a long way. He devoted at least one hour daily studying NCERT, especially for chemistry.”

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by Sawan Kumar on June 11, 2018

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