PM Modi Dedicates New Command and Control Centre to Nation: Live Updates

PM Modi Dedicates New Command and Control Centre to Nation: Live Updates

New Delhi:  Friday, June 15, 2018-Prime Minister, Narendra Modi introduced with the nation, the Integrated Command and Control Centre, set up in one of the city of Chandigarh city, Naya Raipur.

The center would be generally looked forward and controlled as well as monitored through help of online portal on the issues like- water and power supply, sanitation, traffic movement, integrated building management, city connectivity and Internet infrastructure, under one roof to the country.

The monitoring and the controlling of the Naya Raipur city center would also be carried out from the facility. The control and command center would be normally managed through a GIS (geographic information system) platform, where people can easily register their complaints regarding service issue and can also be in touch through helpline numbers when needed.

PM Modi arrived at the Swami Vivekanand Airport in Raipur this morning for the general meeting with the state ministers and directly proceeded to Naya Raipur for the inauguration of the centers. He was also accompanied with Chief Minister Raman Singh while inaugurating the command and control center.


Bhilai not only makes steel but also provides lives and society and the country. This new modern steel plant would now help to develop new India. Naya Raipur has become the country’s first greenfield smart city. Water, electricity, street lights, sewage, transport and security of the city all will be managed from this center. This will be an example for smart cities across the country: PM Modi

I believe violence and conspiracy like this have only one answer- development.  The trust that will arise from the development will be able to get rid of violence. Atal Ji’s vision has helped the state move forward at such a pace. I feel happy to witness this change. The vision of Atal Ji is moving forward with your popular chief Minister Raman Singh Ji.


by Sawan Kumar on June 15, 2018

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