Nitish Kumar response on home sex scandal case at Muzaffarpur

Nitish Kumar response on home sex scandal case at Muzaffarpur

Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar responded to oppositions attack the Muzaffarpur’s sex scandal case on Sunday. He expressed that some ‘selected’ people were focusing on things, which are negative and demands taking notes on the state’s positive development.

Mr. Kumar introduces a plan on sustainable livelihood and said that nobody guilt of the home sex scandal would be spared. People directly or indirectly involved with the scandal would be sent behind the bars. He continued that his government would not compromise with wrongdoers as always.

Mr. Kumar reports, “if you wish to hurl abuse at me, go ahead. We would continue doing our work.”

Nitish Kumar further asked people to take notes of things that are positively happening around the state. He points out those self-help groups of more than 8 lakhs has already been formed in Bihar and over 96 lakhs women are a part of the group.

Bihar government, Nitish Kumar said to aim at developing over 10 lakhs such groups for the betterment of the state.

Referring to last day’s demonstration in Delhi at Jantar Mantar against the home sex scandal in Muzaffarpur, he sarcastically said that the gather was for “Friendship Day” and opposition party unlikely talked about political disruptions.

RJD (Rashtriya Janta Dal) along with other opposition parties, yesterday raised voice for protest in Delhi about the painful rape of young ladies at a home shelter in Muzaffarpur.

To project opposition unity, all major political parties got united together for the protest in Delhi at Jantar Mantar, which was arranged by Tejashwi Yadav, present RJD leader.


by Chandrani Sarkar on August 6, 2018

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