National Anthem Awareness Campaign to be launch from August 15, 2018

National Anthem Awareness Campaign to be launch from August 15, 2018

A unique campaign to teach people “How to sing National Anthem” will commence from August 15, the day of India’s independence. This campaign to teach people how to sign fluently and flawlessly the National Anthem of their country will be lead by Justice Santosh Hegde.

Justice Hegde is an ex-Supreme Court Judge and former Karnataka Lokayukta as well. National Anthem Awareness campaign to be sponsored by Rashtrageete Jagurti Abhiyana Samiti and Indira Foundation under his leadership.

‘National Anthem Rath’, which is designed with a unique concept, will run on the road on 15tgh August, India’s Independence Day. With a lead of folk artists, noted musicians, organizers, and volunteers, the Rath will run on a road like a rally.

The Rath will travel in Bangalore’s T Dasarahali Assembly constitution around 40 km and stop in almost 72 important junctions, as decided by the initiators of the concept. At each important junction, volunteers will distribute pamphlets to local people, reports source.

Justice Hegde says, “The purpose of this event is to make people understand the importance of our national anthem and when to give respect to it. National anthem is connected with patriotism. We are starting this programme from the 15th of this month at various places.”

On this unique campaign concept, Professor Doddarange Gowda exclaimed that “Though people sing the national anthem, many don’t know the lyrics properly. People even make mistakes in pronunciations. Hence, we shall distribute the lyrics of the national anthem in both Kannada and English.”

Rashtrageete Jagurti Abhiyana Samiti President V Lokesh Gowda expressed that the Rath will be launched by popular musician Hamsalekha, who will also host the ‘Tri-color Flag’ of India.


by Chandrani Sarkar on August 9, 2018

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