Modi Government Brings Airpurifiers To Combat Air Pollution

Modi Government Brings Airpurifiers To Combat Air Pollution

New Delhi March 20- Air pollution has become a matter of serious concern of the Central government in recent times .Hence the Modi Government recently decided to purchase 140 air-purifiers for the Prime Minister’s office and 6 for other Government agencies according to the media sources. The Central Government received a flack from various sections for not paying heed to the issues regarding air pollution. The Chief Minister of Delhi also described the capital of India as a veritable gas chamber in a press meet recently.

According to the experts the level of airborne particulate matters exceeded the permissible limit last year and it became the main cause of various airborne diseases of the citizens of Delhi.especially the school children. According to the British Medical Journal Lancet air pollution was the main cause of the total disease of India in 2017. Experts believe that the pollution levels generally increase in winter and the school authorities compel to shut their schools every year due to this problem.According to a survey conducted last year the schools of Delhi remained shut for five days consecutively in 2017 After facing criticism from various section ns the Central Government has recently decided a scheme to stop pollution and it would include about 177 million dollars on reducing the combustion of crop
which is one of the major causes of air polluteon. The Environment Minister also said recently in a press conference that air pollution could tarnish the image of the country and hence the Modi Government would leave no stone unturned to stop ait pollution.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on March 21, 2018

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