India to obtain detail report from British Airways on de-boarding of an IAS Officer

India to obtain detail report from British Airways on de-boarding of an IAS Officer

Suresh Prabhu, the Civil Aviation Minister has asked the aviation regulator to seek a detailed statement from British Airways over an incident of de-boarding in the UK. The Indian passage accompanied with his family members were suddenly asked for de-board from the flight, just before few minutes of its take-off in the UK.

Mr. Prabhu tweeted, “I have directed the DGCA to obtain a detailed report from British Airways on the issue.”

The progress of the case started after another Indian passenger, named AP Pathak, who is an Officer in Minister of Road Transport and Highways. Mr. Pathak complains about the rudeness of the British Airways crew members as he and his family were differentiated against racial lines.

This unexpected incident took place on July 23, when the family on British Airways’ flight was on-boarding from London to Berlin. Mr. Pathak immediately informed Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj and Civil aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu about the incident that happened with them.

He told a source that “after the security announcement was made my wife tied my child to the window seat but he started crying as he was feeling awkward and was a little hungry.” He added, “Crew member shouted at my child and said I will throw you and your family out of the window.”

Mr. Pathak reports that another Indian family, who was seated behind them in the flight there “who tried to console the child,” was also asked for de-board along with his family.

He continued that “the plane returned to the airport and the security personnel threatened us, ‘if you don’t come out, we will handcuff you.’ We were thrown out of the airport.”

Mr. Prabhu said that “I have contacted my lawyers in India and London, he is working on it. If we don’t get an apology from the British Airways, and the compensation from the same, we will sue British Airways.”

He exclaimed the behavior of the crew members of British Airways as “totally a racist behavior.”

by Chandrani Sarkar on August 10, 2018

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