In UP: 48 Hours After Police Raid, Many Unanswered Questions

In UP: 48 Hours After Police Raid, Many Unanswered Questions

Deoria, Uttar Pradesh:  After Bihar, UP face the similar case of Shelter home. The Uttar Pradesh government investigation team is looking into allegation of alleged sexual and physical abuse at a Deoria Shelter home. It has submitted the report to UP CM Yogi Adityanath, but the sexual assault have not been confirmed yet. The Yogi Adityanath’s government not clear what more action will be taken in this case. But On the other side, The UP minister follow the report on Tuesday and said “There is strong possibility of sexual abuse and also criminal connivance at the local level”.

Few serious question that comes after the incident: 

  • The NGO license was put on hold by the UP government last year, after a statewide CBI probe found financial irregularities. As per report 10 days ago, the local police and administration got into scuffle with the accused Girija Tripathi and her husband – who ran the shelter – when they went to inspect it. An Immediate FIR was also filed.  The Police Chief of Deoria’s refused to talk about the story with media persons. But the cops say there is not other shelter home in Deoria for girls and the closet shelter homes are in other districts and it’s not physically possible for them to be sending them away and then again bringing them back to be produced before juvenile justice boards. The police also added that they had no idea that sexual abuse allegations were part of what was going on there.
  • Where are the 18 missing girls that are part of the list recovered from the shelter home, two days after the police raid? According to Police sources say the list of 42 girls was a floating list and that girls come and leave updated on 31 and the police are looking to account for each of the 18 girls – some of the could have simply gone home.
  • The officer of Local Police Station are unable to answer why they did not inform the parents and ask them to appeal for custody in front of magistrate.

One the Victim  father revealed “ I finally manage to meet my daughter in court. She told me she and the other girls were only given food once in two days and the food was not even fit for animals. She also told me they were made to work very hard and sweep the floor. I don’t believe the gift anymore. She must have had a lot of clout. If not then how come her licence was on hold and yet girls were going there?

by Priti on August 8, 2018

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