Harivansh gets elected for the post of Deputy Chairman in Rajya Sabha

Harivansh gets elected for the post of Deputy Chairman in Rajya Sabha

The newly elected Deputy Chairman Harivansh in his early days preferred the profession of a journalist than government jobs. He worked well as a journalist, become popular and always maintained good relations with politicians.

Harivansh is now 62-years old and this is for the first time to become MP and at the same time Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha. He also worked as an advisor to former PM Chandra Shekhar, but with the failure of the government, he returned back to journalism.

As an NDA candidate, Harivansh got elected to the post of Deputy Chairman today. He scored 125 votes against the 105 votes of the Congress MP BK Hariprasad, who was a joint opposition nominated.

Mr. Harivansh born in Uttar Pradesh’s Balia, he was studious. From Banaras Hindu University he completed MA in Economics and Diploma in Journalism. He belongs to the same place from where anti-emergency crusader and socialist Jai Prakash Narayan were born.

He started the professional career as a government banker but later chose to work as a journalist. Later on became Chief Editor of “Prabhat Khabar.”

Mr. Harivansh edited and authored a number of books in Hindi, especially on Jharkhand and Bihar. He is mentioned in the Rajya Sabha’s website as an outstanding Hindi contributor. He is very close to Nitish Kumar, Bihar’s CM. In 2014, he was nominated for the party in Upper House.

During his early political start, he was only a party candidate whose supporter included Congress and RJD.

Harivansh is famous for his great personality and good connections with political leaders, which will be of great advantage for him in conducting the post of Deputy Chairman in Rajya Sabha.


by Chandrani Sarkar on August 9, 2018

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