Goa Congress Objected Flag hoisting on Independence Day

Goa Congress Objected Flag hoisting on Independence Day

On Friday, Goa Congress objected to the State Legislative Assembly Speaker Pramod Sawant to flag hosting on August 15 in the absence of Manohar Parrikar, Chief Minister of Goa. In the session termed it a “break in conventional and protocol.”

CM Parrikar went to the United States for a medical check-up on Friday. He is suffering from a pancreatic ailment and excepted to return to India on August 17. Therefore, a Senior CMO official confirms that in the absence of the CM, the National Flag hosting will be performed by the State Legislative Assembly Speaker.

A spokesperson of Goa Pradesh Congress Committee Sankalp Amonkar said that the National Flag of the country, as per the norms should mandatorily be hosted on August 15, Independence Day by the Chief Minister. However, in his absence, the flag hosting will be performed by the minister, who ranked second in the cabinet.

Mr. Amonkar further claimed that “The government is all set to break the convention and protocol of hosting the National Flag. The Speaker is an independent Constitutional post and he is not part of the State government.”

However, for responding to his statement, Speaker Pramod Sawant was not available.

by Banani Sarkar on August 11, 2018

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