Cancer Patient having Marriage in ICU

Cancer Patient having Marriage in ICU

The renowned hospital that is AIIMS, Patna has been seen to allow the wedding of a cancer patients daughter in the hospital as the patient is bedridden and the chances of the survival of the patient is almost Nil.

This is nothing but something as same was a Tollywood movie where a bride with all the make up is going to get married in a hospital and the disease strikes mother is on the bed witnessing the same. The exception to the rules and regulations of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences was only done to fulfill the wishes of the elderly lady who was suffering from cervical cancer.

This woman was actually referred by the Tata Memorial Hospital and she had been in the hospital for the last 15 day only. The authors allowed the young couple to have their marriage in the doctors room just outside the ICU cabin, where there was proper priest who uttered mantras and the marriage took place. Only the initial part of the marriage took place there the rest was taken care in a temple near the hospital.

The director of the institution was very much happy to be of help in the process of organizing a last wish of a patient. He even said that they arrange a private room for the patients daughter to get married and at the time of marriage the patient was actually moved to that room.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on April 3, 2018

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