Bihar Shelter Home Girls Goes Missing after Rescued

Bihar Shelter Home Girls Goes Missing after Rescued

Patna:  Recently, the mass rape case of shelter home where girls being exploit and raped. The girls were shifted to a NGO in Madhubani and has gone missing. Madhubani Head Pragya Bharti allege its happens because lack of security. She also said the moment she saw the girls were missing from her NGO she immediately registered the complaint with the police and also submitted the copies of the CCTV footage for further investigation.  When a media person asked Ms Bharti that any approach from CBI or Police she replied that there was no questioning done yet.

On security Note Ms. Bharti said  “In our NGO, we have 10 beds in the special unit. We earlier has 11 children. When those 14 children came, the authorities told me that they would be shifted later and demanded me to keep them. I did not have the capacity to accommodate 20- 25 children, but due to pressure from the government, I kept the children. The children were not shifted after that. I did my best to protect them.” On the other end, she  also said “We wrote letter to the district administration demanding security. There were four girls who were overseeing the security. We had adequate security but somehow a girl went missing due to security lapse or conspiracy. This case is being given a political color. This should not be made into a political issue at all”

Speaking about the girls condition she said “The conditions of those 14 girls were not good. I spoke to them. The girls were physically weak. After conducting counselling session, they started talking. There were some girls who who are recovering right now.”

by Priti on August 6, 2018

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