Bihar Rapes- 6 Child Protection Debt Babus Suspended

Bihar Rapes- 6 Child Protection Debt Babus Suspended

6 Assistant directors of child protection department in Bihar have been suspended for not taking immediate action on the TISS report on sexual abuse in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. All the officials have been suspended in context to the “assault, indecent behavior and other undesirable activities” at shelter homes.

“The officials had failed to report undesirable activities and take timely corrective steps at shelter homes in Muzaffarpur as well as other places despite being flagged about it in a social and audit report by Koshis, a field-action project of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences,” – said an official in a state of dismal.

The six officials who have been suspended were at the post of assistant directors of child protection units at Munger, Muzaffarpur, Araria, Bhagalpur, Bjojpur, and Madhubani districts. They have been charged with the negligence of duty. The department has already issued their suspension.

An official said that more people in charge are yet to be suspended due to the negligence of duty in this case. As the probe would gain momentum these heads would roll in front of the people.  The social welfare minister Kumari Manju Verma is also under pressure for signing her resigning letter, as her husband has been found guilty of have involved in the matter.

The social welfare department is to be provided a facelift by the Government of India. The loopholes are to be fixed soon as the non-government organizations are taking advantage of it.  “The guilty won’t be able to get away, considering that the CBI is probing the case. However, the larger issue now is to develop a robust monitoring mechanism to prevent such instances from recurring,” – said the official.

Later he added that the main accused officials such as Brajesh Thakur were able to pull off the scandal as they with the help of bleak monitoring sources brought by a broad array of vacancies in the social welfare department. “Two joint director posts and three deputy director posts are still vacant. There are only five assistants, as opposed to the sanctioned strength of 12. There is just one section officer. How can effective monitoring happen when the staff is spread this thin? The posts were sanctioned when Bihar had 10 to 15 shelter homes, but the number has now gone up to 110,”- added the official.

Raj Kumar the director of the Social Welfare department has avered that the government would take all the possible measures to fix the loopholes in the system. Furthermore, the Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has also revealed a statement that condemned “certain individuals for committing heinous sins”.

Image Credit- Hindustan Times

by Sawan Kumar on August 5, 2018

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