A father stabbed his own son with knife to death

A father stabbed his own son with knife to death

In Punjab, a teen was stabbed by his own father as he was trying to rescue his mothers’ beating, reports the Police Officer.

Jorawar Singh, the murdered was harshly beating his wife at night a day before today. Looking at the incident, the 17-years old son named Novjot Singh came running to save his mother’s life from the beating. Infuriated, suddenly shift his attention from wife to son and attacked at his son all of a sudden with a knife. Novjot’s sister reports that he has numerous stab wounds with a knife in the neck done by her heartless father.

After getting informed about the stabbing, neighbors came running at the murder spot and immediately took him to the hospital. However, on the way, Navjot died without any treatment, said police.

Jorawar the son murderer is an alcoholic, who has the habit of beating his wife on daily basis. Navjot’s sister reports that he used to work as a part-timer to support his poor family financially. Navjot’s murderer father is now absconding and the police force is trying to track him down and punish him seriously.

by Chandrani Sarkar on August 3, 2018

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